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Renewed zeal

One of the most powerful, unique, and under-appreciated parts of the Catholic Church is the Eucharist. In a chaotic world of confusion with souls hungry for meaning, Our Lord Jesus Christ offers us his very self as the solution. When we understand our ultimate destiny, and learn that we can participate in that glory here and now, everything changes.

The one day mission consists of personal witness, catechesis, and Eucharistic Adoration with worship led by Nick De La Torre. The event lasts 1.5 hours.

It is our passion to bring hearts and minds to the beauty, truth, healing, and power found in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. When we partner with a parish, our priority is to evangelize, catechize, and ignite the community with new or renewed vigor for Jesus Christ, the Church, and the call to communion.


The content of the presentations consist of themes surrounding...

• Reasons to believe in the Eucharist
• Jesus as the Lord of our lives
• The value and importance of being Catholic
• The indespensable and life changing power of the Sacraments (with an emphasis on repentance, The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, adoration, and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion)

These topics are presented with sources spanning the lives of the Saints, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, and personal testimony.

Speaker, Nick De La Torre, presents the truths of the Catholic faith relatably, humorously, and profoundly to engage souls of all ages.


With the assistance of the parish priest or deacon, Nick De La Torre leads a time of Eucharistic Adoration with powerful worship music incorporating the best of traditional and contemporary hymns.

Benefits to your parish

• Renew zeal for our Eucharistic Lord, adoration, and the sacrament of Holy Communion
• Build positive momentum for the parish
• Kick off a campaign or liturgical season
• Invite parishioners back into the pews for weekly mass
• Bring families together for an event besides mass
• Bring in people curious about the Catholic Faith
• Catechize further the faithful of your parish and continue to bolster their relationship with Christ and His Church
• Create a foundation to build on with follow up events or small groups

Video Samples


no cost to your parish

More than anything, it is our priority to ensure that parishes have the opportunity to bring the awakenmission to their community. Below are steps we've prepared for you to invite parishioners to partner in hosting the mission.

Steps to funding the mission

1. Pastor identifies 10-15 families and extends the invitation to bring awakenmission to the parish by each contributing a portion of the fee.

2. Parish places an announcement in the parish bulletin and makes announcement after mass to secure sponsors. We provide a template for these written and verbal announcements.

3. Once interest is secured, the parish will schedule a date with the awakenmission team.

Promotional Material

We will provide...

• Poster with event date and time printed by our team and mailed to you before the event

• Flyer PDF to be printed by your parish and inserted in bulletins or as handouts after mass

• Pulpit announcement script

• Photos and messaging for the parish website and other parish marketing avenues (screens in narthex, weekly bulletin/newsletter, etc...)

• Custom Facebook event page which we will link to your parish Facebook page

Host the

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