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What is AWAKEN Catholic?

Our mission is to awaken hearts and minds to the beauty, truth, healing, and power found in the Catholic Church.

Our media and events strive to reach those on the fringes of faith.

• Catholic podcasts and media that inspire faith, change hearts, and transform culture
• Events such as Parish missions, retreats, and conferences
• Pioneering social media technology in the AWAKEN App
• Bringing the faith to life through pilgrimages


In one year AWAKEN Catholic has...

✔ Launched a mobile app
✔ Produced 8 original Catholic podcasts
✔ Hosted Nights of Worship at Holy Rosary Cathedral (Toledo)
✔ Led parish missions
✔ Created Virtual Retreats for Sacramental preparation
✔ Planned pilgrimages

Media Analytics

• 271.5k video views

• 454.3k "people reached" on Facebook

• 22.8k monthly podcast downloads

...and we're just getting started.

Because of the pandemic, we've accomplished all of this while operating at a loss. Imagine what we could do if fully funded.



Moving forward - with your help - we plan to not only keep up the momentum, but improve on everything we’re doing, and so much more.

You may have noticed our production and publishing process has come to a screeching halt. We will relaunch all of our shows at the conclusion of this campaign.

Our amazing team is made up of
• 7 staff members
• 11 show hosts (not including the rowdy crew in The Men's Show)

Our team is incredibly passionate about AWAKEN. We've seen the impact that our shows and events have had on people - nothing short of inspirational. That impact has shown us just how powerfully God is at work in this ministry. While we know AWAKEN Catholic has accomplished a lot in one year, we see that God has so much more in store. We're asking those who know of the life-changing power of Christ and his Church to help us bring that knowledge and power to those who don't.


Ways to help

1) Add AWAKEN Catholic to your daily prayer intentions

Prayer has gotten us this far, and prayer will propel this mission forward. Partnering with God, inviting the Holy Spirit to radically move in us, and entrusting everything to Him is the most important thing we can do.

2) Spread the word about this important campaign

We all have unique circles of influence. We need your help spreading the word about this campaign. Please consider making posts on your social media accounts, emailing and texting your contacts, and making direct personal invitations to anyone you believe would be interested in partnering in this mission by contributing to this campaign.

3) Prayerfully discern how God might be calling you to contribute

Monthly Patronage: Option 1

☀️ Join the AWAKEN Nation

To support all of the work AWAKEN Catholic is doing between our mobile app, media, events, and parish missions with an automated monthly contribution, join the AWAKEN Nation!

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Monthly Patronage: Option 2

🌎 Join a show's patron community

Each show produced at AWAKEN Catholic has a unique patron community. Joining these patron communities is a direct way to support the shows, enjoy exclusive benefits, become a part of the AWAKEN Nation, and keep the cameras and lights running at AWAKEN Catholic. Also, there are no rules against joining more than one show's patron community.

Select any of the shows listed below to learn more about the shows, and the offerings in each patron community.

The AWAKEN Catholic Show

Hosted by Nick De La Torre

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Pop Culture Catechism

Hosted by Mike Tenney

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Physically Spiritual

Hosted by Andrew Reinhart

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Elevate Ordinary

Hosted by JonMarc & Teresa Grodi

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The Men's Show

Hosted by Rob Hohler & the Men

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The Catholic Citizen

Hosted by Peter Range

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Naked Without Shame

Hosted by Megan Burwell & Morgan Holliger

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Hosted by Athena Getsi & Matt Pindoley

Patron Community

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What is the AWAKEN Nation?

When you join the the AWAKEN NATION, you get the following rewards:

Community Access

Join the world-wide community in the AWAKEN App for fellowship, support, prayer, inspiration, and interaction with all of the AWAKEN Catholic show hosts

Video & Audio Resources

Recordings of full presentations given by AWAKEN speakers

Exclusive & Discounted Merch

☝ ... the title speaks for itself 😎

Written Resources

Early copies of print publications in digital form (books/booklets)


You become a crucial part of the transformative media, events and materials changing hearts and lives.

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